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About Us

Arro Apparel started as an idea that everyone should be confident in whatever they say or do. This type of confidence can apply to anyone. However, I wanted my focus to be towards victims of bullying and abuse.

These acts of harm are a serious problem for most individuals and being at the receiving end of abuse can cause traumatic problems with an individual.

I used to be a victim of bullying and verbal abuse. It made me feel useless and helpless. I became angry and felt like the world was against me. It brought me down to a low point in my life where I wanted it to end. After a failed suicide attempt and a long prayer later, I saw a whole new perspective on life. I began to accept myself for who I was. I started working out, eating healthy and picked up better habits for my life. I took control of my life and dismissed anyone who threw harm my way and towards the end, I won. I am a better, stronger, and more confident person than I ever was.

I started this brand so that victims of bullying and abuse can feel confident about themselves. I encourage them to stand up for themselves and speak out or defend against bullying and abuse. I will always look out for the underdog because I was one.

My goal with this brand is to make everyone recognize their strength and build their confidence. I want to do this by sharing the success of others who overcame bullying and abuse and focused on their abilities to better their lives. We are all special and unique and it needs to be shown.